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Our Story...

Phoebe started off life as one product on the shelves of Artisan in Brisbane back in 2009. We were recent design graduates back then and were just trying to get our ideas out into the real world.  The design was simple and unique and people liked it, so we stared to make more.  We named the lamp after a friend of ours.

Soon the first lamp became known as the Phoebe Original to make way for her younger sibling the Phoebe A3. The A3 was a further development of the same concept but designed to suit other applications and to be easier for people to create and print their own designs. Not too long after that a family of bases were born, the X-base and Tri-base gave Phoebe even more ways to strut her stuff.

Today the Phoebe range includes 6 lamp models and approximately 30 design options at any one time. Our Design-Art Collection is created through collaborations with artists and designers and released annually. In this signature collection we are always working to push the limits of what a lamp can be.

At Phoebe we care about our ethical footprint which for us means producing a product that is responsible; so we make sure we value our relationships, manufacture sustainably, and produce with quality. We believe that Phoebe has good karma and that’s why so many people love their Phoebe lamps and why we love making them for you.

With Phoebe we brought together our backgrounds in Architecture and Product Design as well as Australian and Swedish influences. Our dual heritage is the foundation for our multidisciplinary design studio Where North Meets South and we are currently based in Adelaide, South Australia.

Asa & Peter 

Phoebe Lamp Designers